The Modern Mystery School

8000+ years of metaphysical tradition being handed down and practiced in an unbroken lineage to Light Workers all over the globe!

There is a path that will lead you to the deep teachings of yourself and the Universe if you are ready to embark on it...

Become a part of a community dedicated to creating Peace on Earth through self-empowerment!

Throughout our lives, we have encountered many theories, teachings, and practices that aim to deliver Spiritual Awakening. Each and every flavor surly did have something to offer, but there was always something missing. What was missing for us was the power of Lineage.

What do you mean by Lineage? What we mean is tradition. We practice in the Lineage of King Solomon. These teaching have been kept alive and handed down from teacher to student for thousands of years in a sacred and safe way. Some of the world's most brilliant minds have been initiates in this lineage, including Leonardo Da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, Carlos Santana, Carl Jung, and David Bowie to name a few! What this really means is: we aren't just making these things up. These healings are tried and true and hold very strong energetic support. This lineage is about Self-Mastery and Self-Empowerment! We believe that you don't require anything outside of yourself to live to your greatest potential! No gurus. No plants or substances. No Dogma. No rules. No limits.

Know Thyself