Words Of Praise

Amanda M.

My life has had many changes since the healing 2-2.5 months ago. I've quit my job that no longer served me, came into an opportunity to have some much-needed financial help manifested in my life, no longer struggle with money, have quit taking my anxiety medication, and got engaged to the love of my life. (My fiance also had a healing from Jake this same day) This healing seemed to give me the nudge I needed in life, to be empowered to make the changes I needed to without letting fear of the unknown hold me back. I am so grateful for Jake as a healer and as a friend.

Meg M.

...Jake's passion for healing is apparent via the care and time he dedicates to his practice which includes weekly meditations and a variety of healings.  Letting go and allowing healing to deeply penetrate your heart and life will empower you to find strength from within as well as increase your level of happiness.I'm ecstatically looking forward to my next healing, it is a recharge for my weakest self.

Katie N.

I entered my session with Jake not knowing what to expect. His willingness to answer all of my questions and walk me through a suggested treatment made me feel at ease. I'm thankful for Jake and his healing gifts. The energy he shared during the Essential Oil Treatment beautifully touched all aspects of my life. These words cannot fully describe the experience and its positive effects. I look forward to a Life Activation by Jake. I can only imagine how it will enhance my life and spirit.

Jarrett L.

Generally speaking, I’m usually not the kind of person that would seek this form of help. If you’re like me, you can be stubborn, a little pessimistic, and unwilling to see how this could ever possibly impact your life. Jake and Danielle are people that have helped changed this perspective in me. Until you decide you want to help yourself it can be very unclear and frustrating understanding how to move forward when you feel so stagnant. It’s hard to describe how their sessions have changed me as a person, but in totality it’s the understanding that while you may have the best intentions for yourself…no one single person on their own has all the tools and answers. They’re trained in their practice and serve as guides to help you navigate what is holding you back from achieving the quality of life you wish to have and deserve. Without judgment, without pretention, their sessions are very healing and intimate, and what comes from them is clear in how your life unfolds after. I couldn’t tell you exactly what it is, because it isn’t that linear, but leaving my time with them I’ve found myself able to more clearly vocalize my wants and needs, dismiss feelings that don’t serve my goals, and overall just feel better about myself as a person. What they do is magic, they’re lovely people, and if you’re hesitating on whether or not to give it a try...at the very least reach out to them for a consultation, and know that you’re worth it.

Effie H.

The space & energies involved with these services are remarkable. I needed to free up energetic/emotional, & physical space - and a clearing with Danielle absolutely did just that. This was a very loving way to let go of cruddy, evil, or unnecessary connections that sooner or later drag you down. Now enjoying freedom & lightheartedness, while taking control of my personal energetic connections. ♡ Thank You So Much Danielle for a potent session!!!

Carrie B.

This experience was just breathtaking. I felt so relaxed and calm. I noticed I felt more me in a long time right after ~ more bubbly, my social anxiety pretty much as disappeared and I have had more clarity and drive to move forward in positive directions in my life. My seven and nine year old children also felt an energetic shift with my life activation. Their gifts came forward more and together as a family we felt the urge to spring clean our home in the winter! How wonderful is that? This life activation has helped us out some old ways and given us hope for so many things we didn't see before. I'm so blessed to have received this sacred Life Activation from Danielle, along with the two clearings I've received.




"I recently did a healing with Jake and was very pleased with the experience. It was my first time getting a healing so naturally I went in not knowing what to expect and feeling slightly nervous. But Jake certainly helped me feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole healing. You can tell right away that Jake loves what he does and that he does this practice to truly help anyone willing to ask for it. I would recommend him to anyone!" -Katie M.

"Everything that has been going on with my life is still going on, however I'm not as worried about it (exactly what I was hoping to accomplish!) For me, to put it simply, what has to be done will be done. My fear is not going to hold me back. I'm going step by step.  Thanks again. I am very grateful!!!"  -Kristen S

"I usually work through stagnant energy through my yoga practice so sitting still for an hour of energy work was much different than what I'm used to. I felt my energy flow grow so much that it almost made me want to jump up and run but sitting through it was worth it.  I felt exhausted the next day because I'm not used to the energy integration but since then I have felt extremely motivated. I have been extremely productive since the healing and would love to go back for routine healings to see what can come of it. It's super interesting to learn about and the things you learn from yourself and your own energy can be quite beautiful and amazing. My confidence has grown and my comfort in the world around me has also grown.  I definitely recommend Jake's healings! Only good things will come out of it and your soul will thank you!" -Elyse R.

"Amazing experience. Needed energy work and an aura cleansing badly since my whole life I have never had one. I have seen a great changes and and I feel stronger since.  Jake is an amazing healer that has a higher power behind him. Grateful I found him."  -Lucy B.

"The energy felt during Jake's Egyptian Aura Healing was profound! I felt a shift in my life that I experienced for the next couple days following the session with him. I highly recommend him!"  -Reid G.