History is filled with stories of men and women embarking on rites of passage that usher them into the potential for true greatness. Empower Thyself Initiation is your opportunity to take the next, and quite possibly the biggest step into your greatest potential,

Backed by thousands of years of practice, this ancient Hermetic lineage has aided in the success and power behind some of the greatest minds and hearts in the history of our planet. Einstein, DiVinci, Tesla, Rudolf Steiner, David Bowie, The Beatles, Joan of Arc, and many many more were supported by the energy of this initiation and now you are being presented with the opportunity to receive it as well.

Each and every one of us has a special and unique contribution to the world, but knowing what it is can be difficult in a time when so little emphasis is put on spiritual wellness. Through the tools and knowledge you will be handed down in the Empower Thyself weekend, you will have clearer access to your deepest passions, desires, and purpose. It is only through the path of 'Know Thyself' that we can grasp what our most authentic expression and offering is to the world. So if you are feeling a calling in your soul to set into deeper self-knowldge and to help make a REAL impact on the world, Empower Thyself Initiation is the place to start.

In addition to this, you will receive:

-Handing down of rituals to use in your everyday life to enhance and protect your personal energy and space

-Mystery School teachings about the nature of our energy, existence, and purpose

-A real enhancement of 10x more Light into your energy field allowing greater impact, influence and power in your life

-Meditation techniques to connect efficiently and directly to you Higher Self

-Connection with others on a similar path as you

-A Guide and friend on your spiritual path for your entire life