Ancient Mystery School Initiation and healing modalities to support your spiritual progression.

Our Mission-

Jake and Danielle have been studying within the Modern Mystery School to bring you powerful ancient lineage based tools and modalities to serve you on your path of spiritual progression since 2011. These teachings have been handed down in a sacred and holy tradition for thousands of years to serve YOU! What would your life look like if nothing held you back? What could you offer if you knew who you truly were? We believe that to change the world, we must surrender to the process of releasing what is not truly ours to become united with the core essence of who we are meant to be. When individuals live in alignment with their true potential and Divine insights, every thought and act that they make is in alignment with making the world a better place. Have you ever struggled wondering how you can make a difference? Are you searching for passion and purpose in life? The journey starts within. This is the Holiest Process; remembering who we are. It would be an honor to be of service to you on your path to personal joy and fulfillment. Peace worldwide starts inside.